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CANNABUTTER, THE ORIGINAL RECIPE By Amsterdam_edibles_connection

Cannabutter gives a delicious safe alternative to smoking or vaping Cannabis. It contains a lot of fat-soluble vitamins which can have powerful health benefits.

Cannabutter is a butter based solution which has been infused with cannabinoids, that you can use instead of regular butter to cook your favourite dishes.


  • 150g of butter
  • 750ml of water
  • 50g of Hemp


Grind the hemp, put it in a jar and bake it at 110 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Pour the water and butter into a pot and add the decarboxylated hemp.

Cook for at least 1 hour and a half, over a low heat, without coming to a boil, stirring all the time.

Filter the mixture with a sock or a piece of cloth that is thick enough, but not too thick so that all the liquid can be filtered out in the best way.

As soon as it is cold enough, put it in the refrigerator overnight.

That’s it! Now you can use your Cannabutter in other recipes.

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